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Would you like to publish for Transfer Rumours? We are constantly looking for skilled new authors. If you have the expertise, experience and stories to tell about football and would like to share your views as a football supporter then we’d love to have you on board.

Transfer Rumours is not only the #1 ranked football transfer news website, it’s also one of the newest and most preferred unbiased football communities around. We deal with what really happens in football – on the pitch and behind the scenes, going beyond the powder-puffed stories that mainstream media loves to torture the masses with.

If you love the game, you’ll love reading, and working with, Transfer Rumours. The only thing you need to know about working with Transfer Rumours is that we only allow unique, well written articles.

Getting Started

To start writing on Transfer Rumours:

#1: Take any football transfer story from the last 5 days and write a 300-400 word article on it. You can exceed the word count if you want to do a details-oriented feature article, that’s up to you. Send in your article to Transfer Rumours via email (writers@transferrumours.net).

#2: If we like your article, we’ll publish it with full credit and set you up with an account to make contributions articles straight to the site. You will have an editor working with you to give you feedback on style / news headlines / topic selection / other matters.

Ready to go? Start by sending in your sample article to (writers@transferrumours.net).

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