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Rooney up for grabs?

[one_fourth last=”no”]…[/one_fourth]United star striker Wayne Rooney may not sign a contract extension at Manchester United if they fail to qualify for the Champions League. The 28 year old is heading into the final 18 months of his current contract, and talks over a renewal have not taken place. The 2013 champions made a poor start to the defense of their

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Real Madrid Aiming for Wayne Rooney

[one_fourth last=”no”][/one_fourth] Real Madrid are said to be aiming for a reunion between Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. Not to mention their recent star signing, Gareth Bale combined with those two players, the possibilities are endless. With the contract extension signed by Luis Suarez and Liverpool, Real Madrid are considering other options and Rooney is high on their list. Manchester

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