Erik Lamela Heading Back to Italy

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Erik Lamela could be heading back to Italy in the January transfer window as Juventus have joined the long line of team waiting to sweep up the player from the sluggish Tottenham Hotspurs.

Lamela made his name in Italy while playing for Roma and his switch to England has not turned out to be what he expected. The Argentine has failed to score once in the English Premier League after Spurs broke their club record to sign him for £30 million.

Along with the league leaders, Juventus who are very much interested in his services, so are other Serie A clubs such as Napoli and Inter Milan. Going back to Italy whether on loan or on a permanent deal could be more likely than many think as the player has only made three league starts so far this season. Spurs are under new management, following the axing of Andre Villas Boas and the new coach, Tim Sheerwood could very well have the starlet  high up on the priority list.

There is no doubting his abilities that have been shown in flashes but some players find the transition to the EPL a bit difficult than others. while some never make that transition at all. It’s a sticky situation for Erik Lamela to decide about his future but one thing is certain, is that he wants more playing time and to be scoring more goals.




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