Rumours and Fine Wine

[one_fourth last=”no”][/one_fourth] Iker Casillas is a worthy player who deserves the talk that has been generating about him in some parts of the football community for some time now. It would be in the best interest of Casillas to make a move to a new team in order to become the number one choice since he was dropped as the starting goalkeeper for Real Madrid. This move will allow him to start getting valuable minutes before the World Cup. This will make Spain’s National team manager, Vincete del Bosque’s decision to keep Casillas as their starter and their captain this summer.

This will also give Casillas a new opportunity to experience life outside of La Liga to keep his career moving forward. Goalkeepers, are like fine wine, they get better with age and Casillas has only begun to reach his peak. More and more goalkeepers are playing longer, such as Fridel (active, 42), Van der Sar (retired, 41), and Buffon (active, 35). Casillas is only 32 and can give any football club valuable years of service. Two teams could greatly benefit from his vintage of expertise.

Two high profile teams such as Arsenal and Manchester City have been in contact with Casillas’ agent. Any team across Europe would benefit from Casillas defending their goal, he would bring tremendous experience, leadership, and a boost of confidence to any team. Manchester City and Arsenal are both looking to acquire the Spanish goalkeeper’s services, since both teams are having a bit of a struggle finding a solid keeper between the sticks.

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With the World Cup vastly approaching, Casillas desperately needs more minutes on the field for Vicente del Bosque to confidently make him the number one choice for La Roja Furia this summer. The Spanish keeper needs to have game time minutes to keep his fitness and sharpness up.  Casillas needs to make a move to a team that will allow him to gain his confidence back and overcome the mental hurdle of not being the number one starting goalkeeper. Even though the long-time Real keeper is a professional, losing your spot on the starting XI does make a player question his abilities. Every footballer wants to play yet alone start every game and losing your position that you held for close to 14 years is hard to swallow.

Manuel Pellegrini could give Casillas the opportunity to become Manchester City’s number one in goal. Pellegrini has worked with Casillas before at Real Madrid back in the 09/10 season. The Chilean boss definitely knows what Casillas can bring to the team as they look for glory this season. Manchester City has dropped Joe Hart as their number one giving Costel Pantilimon the starting position on some occasions. Hart has been criticized over several games for not making wise choices and allowing clumsy goals go in. Something that a powerhouse team does not need when challenging for the title this year. Panitlimon is tall and strong, however, he lacks the experience and leadership that a championship team needs.

Over the past years, Arsenal seems to have trouble finding a solid player to become the starter in goal. After Jens Lehman, there have been four players who have been in and out of goal for the Gunners. This is one area the Arsene Wenger needs to correct fast if he wants to lead Arsenal to a title this year. Their last title was back in 2005 winning the FA Cup. Arsenal is looking good at the top of the table so far but there has always been the issue of not having enough leaders on the field to take them to the next level. Having Casillas in goal would not only increase the leadership but also a much needed boost of confidence. Just like the effect that Muset Ozil had in the beginning of the season. The current players at Arsenal can feed off a world-class player such as Casillas and give them that extra spark to win a title this year.

Either team would give Casillas the valuable experience he needs before the World Cup and the talent and leadership he would bring to the clubs could only benefit them for years to come.


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